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30 September 2008

Java Language Support for Tail Recursion


Everyone wants tail recursion. I’ve heard that some JVMs automatically detect tail recursion even. How about a simple syntax change to do it at a language level?

    public int factorial(int number) {  
        if (number == 0) {  
            return 1;  
        } else {  
            goto factorial(number, 1);  
    private int factorial(int current, int sum) {  
        if (current == 1) {  
            return sum;  
        } else {  
            goto factorial(current - 1, sum * current);  

Long live goto ! In this example, goto means “replace the current stack frame with a call to this method”, where the given method can be any method whose return value is compatible with, or equivalent to, the calling method’s return value.