XNIO 1.2.0.CR2 Released

The XNIO 1.2.0.CR2 release is up on the project page. This release features cleaned up Javadoc, several bug fixes, and a few handy new features (in particular, static methods to perform blocking reads/writes for most common channel types).

The biggest change is the ability to pass an attachment in to an IoFuture instance, via the IoFuture.addNotifier()method. This allows users to reuse notifier instances, which is a very powerful capability. Unfortunately there was no clean way to add this feature without breaking compatibility in some way, so I went for the cleanest implementation possible, which means that XNIO 1.2.x is not 100% binary- and source-compatible with XNIO 1.1.x. I hope that this feature is useful enough that you will all forgive me for that change. Because of this change I will maintain the 1.1.x series for longer than I otherwise might, in case there are users out there who are committed to the old API.

Read the Javadoc here, download the release here, report bugs here.

Written on January 7, 2009