XNIO 1.1.0.CR1 Released

As the title states - 1.1.0.CR1 is available at the XNIO project download page. The main list of changes:

  • Added API support for creating one-way and two-way pipes.

  • Improved separation of the NIO implementation by moving packages and moving the factory classes to a XnioNio class.

  • Add a java.util.concurrent.Future wrapper for IoFuture objects.

  • Fix a bug with IoFuture.get() so that it throws a more specific CancellationException when an operation is cancelled.

  • Replace SPI module with a more logical abstraction for provider implementations, including some abstract implementations.

  • Make IoFuture.await() parameter order consistent with other standard timed wait methods.

  • Servers changed to bind to by default.

  • Added some handy util classes for dealing with Closeable resources.

  • Consolidated the IoFuture.Status value TIMED_OUT into WAITING, since the two are synonymous anyway, which will simplify IoFuture.Notifier implementation among other things.

  • Added an abstract base class to allow implementation of one-line IoFuture.Notifier implementations.

Written on October 1, 2008