XNIO 1.0.0.CR3 Released

Well, I lied. I’ve found a couple more minor API issues which I’ve fixed for CR3 - a misspelling in a method name (“interruptible”, not “interruptable”), a typo which prevented junit from being downloaded, one interface rename (“Client” becomes “ChannelSource”), and a few other minor fixes are included in this release. I think this one will become GA unless I find a glaring bug in the next week or so.

Once again, the release is available at the downloads pageof the XNIO project website.

Release Notes - XNIO - Version 1.0.0.CR3


  • [ XNIO-27] - “Interruptibly” is misspelled

  • [ XNIO-28] - Streams classes do not belong in XNIO

  • [ XNIO-30] - Build fails due to incorrect license name for junit

  • [ XNIO-31] - Logging methods might throw exceptions


  • [ XNIO-14] - Use a service locator pattern to locate XNIO providers in the standalone API

  • [ XNIO-29] - Rename org.jboss.xnio.Client to “ChannelSource”

Written on July 7, 2008