XNIO 1.0.0.CR2 Released

This new version fixes several problems in CR1 and is closer to a final product now. I do not anticipate any further API changes, so this version is safe to develop against in anticipation for the final GA release (which I have marked for July 28 - not too far in the future, but hopefully far enough that any remaining bugs will be found and flushed out).

For those new to XNIO, it is a replacement for NIO that vastly simplifies the handling of non-blocking I/O. To quote my tag line from last time: XNIO gives you the full power of NIO channels while eliminating the headache of thread and Selector management.

The release is available at the downloads page of the XNIO project. Release Notes - XNIO - Version 1.0.0.CR2


  • [ XNIO-20] - Channel options support is incomplete

  • [ XNIO-22] - No way to shut down server connections

  • [ XNIO-23] - An exception in handleOpened should always close the connection

  • [ XNIO-25] - Standalone API isn’t locking properly

Feature Request

  • [ XNIO-21] - Samples directory with a few simple examples


  • [ XNIO-18] - License files and file headers

  • [ XNIO-26] - Options should be changed to typesafe constants

Written on June 23, 2008